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Steam Defense 1.3.908

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Steam Defense? is a side-scrolling real-time strategy in a vivid tropical world of the wild planet Gloria-6, covered with shady woods, where colonists from Earth, torn from home, are forced to confront the mysterious and formidable Dryans - an intelligent race of Gloria-6 aborigines jealously guarding their secrets from strangers!
In Steam Defense you will build a base, collect resources, research technologies, and hire troops to attack enemy. Your enemies are native creatures (Tremendor, Druid, Dragon and others) with leader Sister of the Moon who can use spells of Chain Lightning, Tornado, Blizzard and even Earthquake against your army.
But you can resist using infantry, aviation, tanks and artillery. Control your hero Vincent Gear to use Riffle, Grenades, Flamethrower and jetpack that burns your opponents. Furthermore, the hero gains experience to be used to improve skills.
There is a lot of strategies to win: using tanks or aviation, researching troops or hero’s weapons, blitzkrieg or long development. Excellent playing skills are especially important in multiplayer (PvP).
Game consists of 2 campaigns, 24 levels each. The game world is introduced by comics and dialogues. You can choose difficulty level for any mission. Do your best and defeat all enemies and bosses to complete 2 campaigns.
蒸汽防御?是野生星球凯莱-6,覆盖与遮荫的树林,从地球殖民者,从家里撕裂,被迫面对神秘而强大的Dryans生动的热带世界一款侧面滚动的即时战略 - 一个凯莱-6原住民智慧种族小心翼翼地从陌生人那里守着自己的秘密!

Steam Defense 1.3.908 更新内容:

* Fixed black characters
* Decreased level loading time
* Reduced game size
* Bugfixes
* HD version


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