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本应用由开发者zhmeng上传 发布软件/应用 千万流量共享 百度高权重排名


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The InxFit application integrates functions such as body health data, exercise track recording, and wearable device control. It can easily record all the data generated from the wearable device for you, allowing you to be more fully engaged in fitness exercises!

After connecting the wearable device through the InxFit app, you can:
1) Record daily exercise steps, calculate daily calories burned, exercise distance and time and other exercise health data, you can view the complete history of each day, week, and month.
2) Record exercise data, display daily exercise distance, exercise duration, calories and exercise track.
3) Conduct health management: all-day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, women's menstrual cycle reminder, etc.
4) Record sleep data: record your daily sleep, inform you of your daily deep sleep time, light sleep time, and number of wakefulnesses, etc., and detect sleep quality to help you sleep better.
5) Set up smart reminders: two-way synchronization of alarm reminders, incoming call reminders, message notifications, long seat reminders, smart sports reminders and more are waiting for you to discover.
6) You can set goals such as the number of steps, exercise distance, and calorie consumption to encourage yourself to complete your daily exercise volume.
7) Rich dial market, every day is a new self.
8) Exercise data can be synchronized to the cloud, providing you with permanent data storage.
The InxFit application supports multiple languages, and more wearable products will be supported in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting!

The InxFit application supports connect to Apple Health (HealthKit) to synchronize data, realize data movement, and synchronize data and sleep calories consumed to Apple Health (HealthKit).

InxFit 2.1.10 更新内容:

1. Add feedback types and guidance portals to help questions;
2. Add other options for message notification.
3. The selection of drinking water reminder and sitting reminder time increases judgment;
4. Added the function of manually synchronizing historical data.
5. Added sync data to Apple Health;


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