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Lost Cities 1.80


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本应用由开发者袋狼82上传 发布软件/应用 千万流量共享 百度高权重排名
  • 软件大小: 59.0 MB
  • 软件厂商: TheCodingMonkeys
  • 软件语言: 英语
  • 软件授权: ¥25.00
  • 更新时间: 2018-03-29
  • 支持类型: Touch、iPhone、iPad

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Lost Cities by the world-renowned board-game author Reiner Knizia takes you on a journey to undiscovered countries and mythical places. Compete against a friend, a stranger or one of 4 different computer players, in what has been called a "two player Solitaire with an extra portion of suspense". Designed and polished for the iPhone by TheCodingMonkeys, makers of Carcassonne for iOS.

? online matches against game center friends
? voice acted interactive tutorial
? comprehensive rules section
? 4 different AI players with emotions
? full-length atmospheric soundtrack
? a plethora of single- and multiplayer achievements
? fully playable via VoiceOver

版本 1.80 中的新功能

This update adds a way to invite friends via the Message app and iCloud, making it possible again with the latest iOS version.

1楼 PConline网友 2021-11-09 16:40:22

墙裂推荐,Lost Cities不流氓,被流氓应用骚扰得好痛苦

2楼 PConline网友 2019-08-01 08:26:21

找不到什么更好的形容词来表达我内心对Lost Cities的喜欢了

3楼 PConline网友 2019-07-30 06:10:57

这款软件支持Touch、iPhone、iPad,我的设备刚好可以用这款Lost Cities游戏耶!

4楼 PConline网友 2018-04-18 22:10:08

讲真Lost Cities比有些网络游戏游戏强太多了,界面华丽,操作简单。

5楼 PConline网友 2017-09-04 13:39:47

Lost Cities挺好用的,功能也挺完善的,最重要的是我要的都有哈哈哈