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  • 更新时间: 2018-02-13
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Anesthesia-A Comprehensive Review for iPhone® and iPad
Download of this app includes 10 free questions to review. You can choose to buy the complete set of questions for $99.99.
This updated app corresponds to the 5th edition of the print book entitled Anesthesia A Comprehensive Review, by Brian A. Hall, MD and Robert C. Chantigian, MD.

Prior purchasers of this app have the opportunity to purchase the new volume at a discounted price for a limited time.

Added new features:
121 new questions and updates to existing questions
Updated user interface
Updated for iOS 8.x and optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices
All notes and all favorites available from main menu
Aggregated Answer statistics - Addition of % answered for each option, viewable in the answer stem.
Answer statistics for each 5th Edition question will be added 6 months post-release. This feature will help the user see how they are doing compared to other users of the app. Prior purchasers of the 4th Edition will also see prior, aggregated answer stats.
This invaluable study tool for certification and recertification is a superb way to ensure mastery of all the key knowledge in anesthesiology. One thousand completely updated review questions in mobile format—vetted by Mayo residents—cover the most recent information on all anesthesia subspecialties.
? This mobile review app presents 1001 thoroughly revised questions, (121 new questions) for the most current and comprehensive review of board material, covering the latest discoveries and techniques in physics, biochemistry, and anesthesia equipment, along with the newest drugs and drug categories.
? Complies with the new ABA format so you have an accurate representation of the new question style and can prepare effectively.
? Includes discussions after each question, along with references to major anesthesia texts so its easy to find more information on any subject.
? Test your knowledge of anesthesia through the most comprehensive coverage of basic sciences and clinical practice for an effective review.
Other great features:
Questions with rationales.
Handy app features include answer tracking, note taking, voice annotating, highlighting, and reference links.
Quickly find topics of interest with full text search, as well as an indexing of terms to quickly jump to your topic of interest.
Zoom in on images and figures, view them in portrait or landscape mode, and mark as favorites the images and figures you need to reference again.
Study on the go; no connectivity is needed to instantly access Anesthesia-A Comprehensive Review questions and answers once they are purchased.

版本 3.3 中的新功能

-Update to Community Statistics
-Content fixes
-iOS 10 update
-iPad Pro native resolution support
-Shuffle fix
-Remember to first restore past purchases when installing on a new device or reinstalling

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讲道理,Anesthesia Comprehensive Review还是很好用的,越用越好用,希望能保持这种体验

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Anesthesia Comprehensive Review就是经典!这是我目前用过的最好用的饮食健康应用工具

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这个Anesthesia Comprehensive Review应用虽然有一点瑕疵,但是它是免费的啊!不然要求再多了!

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找了好久终于找到了Anesthesia Comprehensive Review这款免费应用

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Anesthesia Comprehensive Review完美安装,不知道那些整天吐槽这个不好用那个不好用的人是什么心态。