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This is a free version for tests. Please try this before you purchase the paid version.
AppStore search screen "map of the sea" to search on other series will be displayed. All 45 will be commercialized by Japan in the Y map charts a single unit. Please wait for a while.
(To use a lot of memory, iPhone3GS is officially supported or more)

"The iPhone in the sea!" We developed this product based on this slogan. "Navigation map of the sea" is, GPS measured at sea using the current position, orientation to the destination, distance, and for marine navigation applications use to measure the approximate fuel.

Even out of radio at sea, map (Y chart), so in the application has data to confirm the orientation can determine the current location and destination. Jet ski (Jet Marine), and motorboats as, GPS was not designed for use with small boats. iPhone waterproof pack (sold separately) into, the sea is also please phone us. Pick up a signal in coastal areas of Mobile, GPS to locate the precise, you can also request a quick rescue. It also features fuel and easy calculation, you can drift by as much as possible to prevent gas. (Thank you for such use to reference only)

This app, like the Coast Guard Authorization "number of 222 505 Coast Guard permit" (based on publications like Business Law Article 25 water) has received. Partnership with Japan Hydrographic Association also like the latest "for example - motorboat yacht (Y Chart)" is used.

The information is displayed to confirm the position of own ship. For more information about the time of sailing, please use the chart. Datum is used in this figure, "Datum world."

"Map of the Sea Navigation (Select 1)" There are 45 in all. Check the map, like the site Hydrographic Association, "Internet shopping chart" Please confirm. "For example - yacht and motorboat (Y Chart)" You can see a map of the 45 items. The paper map also "Internet shopping chart" I have sold, according Please utilize.

All content and maps please reference purposes only. Regarding the accident using this app, we can not assume any responsibility.

GPS in commercial vessels is common in the leisure boat or jet ski facilities are still not common. The accidents in Japan, I really wish to reduce a little.

版本 4.0 中的新功能

iOS 8 & iOS9 Support !

1楼 PConline网友 2022-03-01 18:15:48

这款软件支持Touch、iPhone、iPad,我的设备刚好可以用这款Japan Chart Navi应用耶!

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Japan Chart Navi就是经典!这是我目前用过的最好用的地图导航应用工具

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Japan Chart Navi是很是值得期待的一款应用,用着方便,想要的功能都有,流畅不卡

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Japan Chart Navi功能全面,界面好看,用着就是舒服

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Japan Chart Navi用起来挺稳定的,感谢分享。