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本应用由开发者night1102上传 发布软件/应用 千万流量共享 百度高权重排名
  • 软件大小: 46.3 MB
  • 软件厂商: Optime Software LLC
  • 软件语言: 英语
  • 软件授权: 免费
  • 更新时间: 2018-03-30
  • 支持类型: Touch、iPhone、iPad

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Take a journey to feudal Japan with Sudoku Free! With beautiful graphics and killer features, Sudoku Free! is the best Sudoku app available for iOS.


Two separate keypads, one for entries and one for notes, allow you to enter values quickly and easily. No more tedious switching between entry mode and note mode to complete your puzzle.


The optional auto-notes feature enters all of the notes into the puzzle for you and keeps them updated as you solve. If you don't want that much help, the optional smart notes feature automatically deletes values from notes you have entered manually when they are no longer valid.


The optional error checker tells you when you have entered an incorrect or illogical value, allowing you to catch errors early and preventing needless frustration.


Five difficulty levels, from easy to insane, ensure that you will be able to find a puzzle that matches your skill level. With 3,000 total puzzles, you won't run out of puzzles any time soon.

Download Sudoku Free! for free today and start playing Sudoku the way it was meant to be played!

版本 1.60 中的新功能

? New More Games screen
? Minor bug fixes

1楼 PConline网友 2020-01-04 23:46:43

Sudoku ?绝对是我玩过的最好玩的网络游戏游戏!

2楼 PConline网友 2018-04-11 06:35:01

Sudoku ?用着就是方便,虽然不是热门的,但是好用这事不用过多描述

3楼 PConline网友 2017-12-14 14:23:59

好用,Sudoku ?不像其他应用一样那么复杂,用起来挺方便的

4楼 PConline网友 2017-06-21 18:47:26

Sudoku ?这款游戏的英语版本用起来就是舒服

5楼 PConline网友 2017-02-10 14:51:36

Sudoku ?很棒!就是旧版本有些功能不知道放在哪里了