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***** Another title from our extremely successful series -- RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on App Store in many countries. The following six(!) other products also ranked #1 APP FOR KIDS in many countries: ABBY BASIC SKILLS PRESCHOOL, ANIMAL PRESCHOOL SHAPE PUZZLES - FIRST WORD; ABBY'S MAGIC LAPTOP FOR PRESCHOOL AND TODDLERS, ABBY MONKEY – ANIMAL GAMES FOR KIDS HD, ANIMAL TRAIN - FIRST WORD HD, and ANIMAL PRESCHOOL WORD PUZZLES HD. Moreover, five other products ranked in TOP 10 in the EDUCATIONAL category.

* Your favorite monkey is coming back! Now even more adorable than ever! This time, Abby teaches you how to compose and recognize names of animals! *

The application offers you two exciting game modes:

* Game
In the game mode, your task is to match all the icons of the animals to their written names. The game has three rounds. To keep children motivated, the best score is calculated at the end of the game, so that children can aim for their better and better scores to be saved in their personal hall of fame.
Thanks to the modifications, this game can be transformed both to an easy matching game for small children (where children familiarize themselves with the written form of the animal name by visually looking up two same words and matching them) and an ultimate reading challenge when children have to match the animal picture to its written name.
Of course, cute voice is always ready to enthusiastically praise children for all their efforts.

* Learning
Here, the task is to learn to compose the animal name from letters. Again, the modification enables you to transform the game either to letter-to-letter matching or word composition.
This is also where the well-loved monkey Abby comes on the stage! Abby is a fun monkey who loves to praise children. Children will love her creative ways and will always be wondering whether she arrives with her car or downright emerges from the underground!

Thanks to a wide range of modification, this app is one of those, which will grow with your child. Let's look together on how you can adjust this app to suit just your child!

* As noted above, the game mode can be accommodated to either matching mode for very small children or to a reading mode (labeling of the pictures-to-be-matched is turned off) for those who are slightly more advanced.

* For convenience, you can choose whether the letter sounds are going to be read aloud in the learning mode when the letters are manipulated.

* The same way, you can choose whether you prefer lower/upper case letters or if you want the words to be capitalized.

* In order to make the game age-appropriate, you can also turn on the letter hints, which will make the word composition game in the learning mode essentially a letters matching game.

* Moreover, you can modify the length of the longest word appearing in the application, so that you can for example set that the maximum number of letters is three, and then get words such as fox, pig, or dog.

Ultimately, with more than 80 (!) lovely animal word pictures, your children are bound to be both challenged and engaged!

Based on our twenty-year old experience in the design of fun educational tools, we made considerable effort that this app is as appropriate and easy-to-use for this very special age category as possible. We hope that your children will enjoy it the same way our enthusiastic beta-testers did.
If you have any suggestions on how we could further improve the design, please leave us a message at We always appreciate comments on how to make our apps even better!
22learn, your trusted educational apps developer

版本 1.3.1 中的新功能

Minor graphics and sounds improvements.

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