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Would you like to enhance communication with your patients so they can better understand their disorder? Would you like to always carry in your pocket a powerful tool with many comprehensive images related to Obesity? If so, the Miniatlas Obesity is here to help you in your daily practice.
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Obesity and the metabolic syndrome can be treated, but the fight against these disorders is long and hard. Any “miracle” cure or particularly rapid solution only serves to hide the true problem underlying these disorders: lifestyle. Rehabilitation of the obese patient is only possible through lifestyle modification and the rational application of existing therapeutic measures.
The development of a good physician-patient relationship that gives the patient a sense of control of the disease is, then, crucial, and it should enable him to learn about it. There is a perfect learning tool to achieve this: the Miniatlas Obesity, a vast collection of medical illustrations and rigorous texts covering all the important aspects of the disorder. With this application on your iPhone or iPad device, you can transform your patient's visit into a complete educational presentation about his condition, so he gets the most out of the consultation by getting fully educated about it.
Make your patient become more proactive during his visit, and give him all the answers he needs to understand the disease and the measures he can adopt to deal more effectively with it with the help of of clear, concise images. After using the Obesity Miniatlas application, you can expect a higher degree of satisfaction in your patient as well as an improvement in knowledge and confidence about the disease, and a better attitude towards therapy and coping strategies.
This amazing app is portable and convenient, always at the ready on your iPhone or iPod touch device. Wherever you are, the enormous database of images related to Obesity is there at your fingertips when you need it. Use it with your patients and peers to provide clarity and save time.

The Miniatlas Obesity offers you incredible features:
*A huge database of detailed and labeled images
*Each illustration has an explanation text beneath it
*Zoom in with your fingers to any section of the picture
*Easy search: just type part of the keyword you’re looking for
*Email any image or section of an image you need
*Helps physicians to effectively and more easily communicate with their patients
*Available in English or Spanish localization
*Works in portrait or landscape mode

Great for sending notes to your office staff or fellow colleagues!

Just in case you still have doubts about the thoroughness of the Miniatlas Obesity, here’s a list of the chapters that you’ll get when you download the App:
*Normal nutrition
*Definition and physiopathogenesis of obesity
*Obesity, clinical aspects and comorbid associations
*Treatment of obesity

You see? Everything is covered and in tremendous detail. Once you start using the Miniatlas Obesity, you’ll never want to be without it again.
Go ahead and download this app now. Your patients and peers will all thank you for it.

版本 4 中的新功能

- Bug fixes

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Miniatlas Obesity就是经典!这是我目前用过的最好用的饮食健康应用工具