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New DioDict 4, Quick Search Enabled Electronic Dictionary, Now Available
The complete New Ace English-Korean Dictionary  published by Kumsung Publishing, one of the Korea's leading dictionary makers  310,000 words, meanings and examples  Thousands of notes on grammar and ways to use words  No internet connection needed.

**Free upgrade available for Diodict 3.5 ENG-KOR Dictionary users.
If you are using Diodict 3.5, please note that each version has different functions. Wordbook/History functions may not be available in the newest version due to database replacement. **

** In order to conform to iOS guidelines, we have had to raise the lowest compatible iOS version to 9.0. **

=====Trusted Dictionary and Continuous Updates Available=====
The trusted New Ace Korean-English dictionary is used by Oxford University Press, the world's largest university press!
Continuous updates from Harper Collins' 'New Words' database!
Updated under the supervision of domestic and foreign language institutions and Jeong Yeongguk and Jo Miok, the most respected lexicographers in Korea.

=====Contains Rich Content=============
Entries focus on practicality and frequency of use.
A wide range of lexicon including a select 215,000 English-Korean and 95,000 Korean-English entries.
Two way English-Korean dictionary suited to learners of both English and Korean.
Updated to cover the latest vocabulary in Korean and English.
Example Bank available with examples applicable to daily, real-life conversations and compositions.
Pronunciation guide from the built-in American Text To Speech (TTS) solution.
American and British pronunciation guide available for free (download is available via Wi-Fi.)
Various detailed examples essential for English learners provided.

=====Powerful & Specialized Functions in Diodict 4=====
Easier Search with 'Multi Search'
When you enter a word to search, relevant sentence idioms and phrasal verbs are searched for and spelling is checked automatically.
Multiple types of searches are available in a single search window without the need to select a search mode.

Search Features
Wildcard search: enter “” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”).
Search not only for words, but for phrases or examples.
The spell check function corrects typos - if you are unsure of the spelling or mis-type a word, a list of similar words is offered.
With the Korean-English dictionary, you can quickly search a word by typing the initial consonants of the Korean alphabet.
The search results are listed in real-time when you enter a keyword.
links to Google so that you can search for more information on a particular word.
If you search for a verb in the English-Korean dictionary, the infinitive is always found whether it's in the present, past, past participle, or future perfect.

Vocab Revision  
History menu lists all your recent word searches.
Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders.
You can efficiently learn the words saved in the folders using the Cradle and Yes/No Quizzes function.

=====Reliable Dictionary App Provider=====
*** The Number One Company in the Domestic Mobile Electronic Dictionary Market for Over 10 Years, with Over 100 staff in R&D.
- The company”s own testing department performs meticulous testing, along with a customer support department.
***Diodict Dictionary Series, over 20 Different Dictionaries, Now Available on iTunes!

■ CS center : support@selvasai.com

The new name reflects our dedication to Artificial Intelligence technology, all of us at SELVAS AI strive to do our best for our customers.

DioDict 3 English-Korean Dictionary with Audio 4.0.15 更新内容:

- Fix other issues
- Fixed an issue where native speaker downloads did not work
- Fixed DioDict
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