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Dermatomes is a handy reference map of which spinal nerve roots relay sensation from particular areas of the skin along with a cutaneous nerve distribution.

Dermatomes provides a zoomable map of anterior and posterior dermatomes and cutaneous nerve distributions with a reference chart of important landmarks . Pinch to zoom in and out on the map.

Dermatomes is an essential reference for neurologists, emergency physicians, family doctors, medical students, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical professionals – or anyone curious about neuroanatomy and the workings of the human body.

Featured in Apple's 2010 essential apps for medical students.

Consult a doctor if you are experiencing neurological symptoms. This app should not be relied upon to make clinical decisions, which remain the full responsibility of the user. Dermatomes are variable between individuals and the pattern of sensory loss is usually less than the entire dermatome, because of overlap. The map and landmarks  presented are a consensus view drawn from numerous sources.

Dermatomes comes with lifetime email support.

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Support for iOS 11 and different sizes of iPhone and iPad
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