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Instantly access recommended gay bars, restaurants, shops, gyms and more with photos, descriptions and reviews.  Find where to go and what to do in over 236 cities worldwide. (and counting)

Find out where your friends are going and which places your friends recommend when you travel.  

--Quickly find nearby bars, shops, restaurants, gyms and more
--See who's going – see where the crowd is going, share where you are with friends
--Up-to-date info. One click for phone number, web site, & directions
--See which people like the places you want to go to

Join people who have used our app on every continent.   Check out our guides to gay Sydney, gay Kansas City, gay New York, gay Los Angeles, gay Las Vegas, gay San Francisco, gay Chicago, gay Miami or smaller towns like Omaha, Richmond, Memphis or Mobile.   We're on every continent except Antartica.  In 236 cities worldwide.

GayCities - Your Gay City Guide 4.2.0 更新内容:

* Now 238 cities worldwide
* Several bug fixes
* Fixed home screen on logged out user
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