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The Jobjuice Strategy & Consulting App is a complete reference guide and job interview preparation tool created for MBAs and business professionals pursuing a career in consulting or business management.
The app encourages dynamic preparation to develop creativity, structured thinking and solid business sense. There are over 80 themes that use cross-referencing to reinforce the links between diagnosis, strategy alternatives, implementation and results.

The App was specially developed with Dr. Lawrence Hrebiniak, strategy expert, author and Wharton School of Business MBA and EMBA professor.
The App will teach you to:
?Identify and understand external and internal factors affecting the company’s business.
?Diagnose the company’s situation and select viable strategies to gain competitive advantage and attain profitable growth.
?Understand the critical elements of a successful strategy implementation process.
?Close the gap between strategy and execution.
?Master the interview process and use strategic frameworks to tackle even the most challenging business cases.


?Over 80 cards filled with strategy concepts and frameworks
?Easy and intuitive navigation, color-coding and cross references
?Favorites and card grouping features for quick review
?Practice section to test your memory by flipping through random cards
?A complete strategy consulting interview preparation section

Jobjuice was founded by Wharton MBAs, who while at business school provided their fellow students with powerful reference and interview preparation tools. All the knowledge and experience of the recruiting process and the particular subject areas was distilled into a practical and easy to use format.

I Diagnosis
Diagnosis Introduction
The Macro Environment
Porter’s 5 Forces
Competitive Dynamics
PE & Barriers to Entry
Regulatory Issues
Industry Value Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Company Analysis
Company Value Chain
Competitor Analysis
Collaborator Analysis
Price Analysis
Promotion Analysis
Place (Channel) Analysis
Product Analysis
Corporate Strategy Analysis
BCG Matrix
GE/Mckinsey Matrix
Portfolio Planning Challenges
II Strategy
Strategy Introduction
Low Cost Strategy
Differentiation Strategy
Focus Strategy
Competitive Positioning
Competitor Intensification
Market Fragmentation
Operation Efficiency
Information Technology
New Market Entry
Horizontal Integration
Mergers & Acquisitions
Global Strategy
Alliances & Joint Ventures
Vertical Integration
Divestitures & Spin Offs
III Implementation
Formulating vs. Implementing Strategy
The “Demands” of Strategy
Corporate & Business Strategy
Aligning Strategy & Objectives
Org. Structure: Functional Specialization
Org. Structure: Purpose Specialization
Org. Structure: Matrix Organization
Interdependence & Coordination
Responsibility vs. Accountability
Incentives & Controls
Managing Change
Culture Change Model
Strategy Reviews
M&A Implementation
Making M&As Work
M&A Cultural Change
Guiding Integration in M&As
Outsourcing Implementation
Vertical Integration Implementation
Strategic Alliances Implementation
Managing Technology
Knowledge Management
Balanced Scorecards
IV Results
Results Introduction
The 3 Financial Statements
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cashflow Statement
Fin. Stmts.-How They Relate
Financial Ratios
Profits and Margins
The Consulting Interview
The Consulting Job Search
The Consulting Interview
Preparing for the Interview
Types of Cases
General Case Tips
Sample Case Topics
Strategy Framework
Chain Rule
Extreme Points
Logic Tree
Root Cause Analysis
80/20 Rule
Final Tips

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Updated for IOS 11

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