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Discover Mindfulness, one breath at a time with simple and effective guided breathing exercises.

Breathing Zone will help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and make you feel more relaxed and energized.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have already discovered the life changing power of Breathing Zone.

Breathing Zone uses scientifically based therapeutic breathing techniques that decreases your heart rate, and over time can even help to lower High Blood Pressure.

Clinical Research:
Clinical studies in the Journal of Human Hypertension and the American Journal of Hypertension have shown that doing therapeutic breathing for 45 minutes a week can help lower High Blood Pressure.

● HealthTap: "103 Doctors recommend this app."
● Time Magazine: "Calm yourself with Breathing Zone."
● Harvard Health: "When you find yourself under stress, Breathing Zone can help."
● Bloomberg: "The breathing trick that can make you more productive."
● New York Magazine: "Sometimes the fastest way to combat anxiety or an oncoming panic attack is just to remember to breathe. I like Breathing Zone for its simplicity."
● Self Magazine: "Just inhale. Then exhale. Download the Breathing Zone app for guided exercises."
● Huffington Post: "An effective guide to mindful breathing."
● LifeHacker: "Breathing Zone Guides you towards slower breathing to help reduce stress."
● Fox News: "Breathing Zone simply trains you to slow down your breathing. In the process you calm down and relieve stress."
● MacWorld: "If you slow your breathing, it can relax you; but it’s not easy to do this on your own, but Breathing Zone can help."
● Gigaom: "Go beyond the basics and analyze your breathing patterns via your iPhone’s microphone with this app."
● PoductivityBytes: "This app’s signature feature is the ability to analyze how you normally breathe in order to suggest the best routine for you."
● University of Sydney: "Breathing Zone provides guidance on slow breathing."
● Nursing Standard: "Breathing Zone offers simple guided breathing exercises, that are a useful introduction to the health benefits of slower, therapeutic breathing."
● One Medical: "Therapeutic breathing benefits your brain and mood, and can actually help decrease your heart rate and lower high blood pressure. Breathing Zone offers detailed instructions and a Breathing Analyzer to measure your breathing rate."
● AppAdvice: "Relax your mind and body in as little as 5 minutes with these doctor recommended breathing exercises."

Integrates with Apple's Health app to record your completed breathing sessions Mindful Minutes.

Breathing Zone - Relaxing Breathing Exercises 5.4 更新内容:

Displays breath count for breathing sessions.

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