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  • 软件大小: 132 MB
  • 软件厂商: Elecont LLC
  • 软件语言: 简体中文
  • 软件授权: ¥25.00
  • 更新时间: 2017-12-19
  • 支持类型: Touch、iPhone、iPad

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? 可以大范围覆盖欧洲,亚洲和美国地区
? 24小时之内每小时一次预报更新
? 可以预报长达10日之内的天气预报
? 即时天气信息
? 气压表
? 24小时的气压和温度趋势
? 地震信息
? 全球海洋表面温度
? 来自intellicast.com 和foreca.com可信赖的天气资源
? 10日内的详细天气预报包含超过15种气象参数
? 天文数据:日出日落以及月出月落
? 每小时的天气预报拥有5种以上不同的参数
? 世界时钟

The World's only iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad weather app specifically designed to provide all the info you need in one place. It's designed to look beautiful and work beautifully! eWeather HD provides a lot of features, but not at the loss of elegant display simplicity. Get accurate and reliable 24-hour and 10-day weather forecast utilizing unique multi-provide system, future radar images, severe weather alerts, earthquakes, air quality, storm/typhoon tracks combined with data from NOAA buoys, sea surface temperatures, historical weather data and climate averages, tide predictions and much more…

Key features:

? Ten-day, hour-by-hour local and international weather forecasts
? Instant severe weather alerts using PUSH (U.S. and Europe)
? Global storm, typhoon, cyclone tracks and future paths
? Live temperature on home screen badge
? Three types of windgets (current weather, hourly and weekly forecasts)
? Four visual themes with Night mode

? Barometric pressure PUSH alerts (migraine detector)
? Current weather conditions PUSH notifications

? Geomagnetic activity, UV index
? Air quality
? Earthquakes
? Satellite cloud animations (U.S., Europe and Asia)
? Sun/Moon times, Moon phase & day

? Tide predictions, tide charts, high and low tide times
? Near-realtime data from over 700 NOAA buoys, beach & global sea surface temperatures (wind, wave details and etc.)
? Global sea surface t°

? Astronomical events (Solar, Lunar eclipses, Equinox, Solstice and etc.)

? Animated weather, wind maps
? 365-day Long-range weather forecast and climate data
? 3-d touch widget, Spotlight and rich iOS PUSH notifications
? Beautiful Apple Watch weather App with complications

Detailed weather features:

? Ten-day weather forecast including
- Day/night conditions
- Wind speed and direction
- Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
- Rainfall, snowfall amounts
- Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon day & phase
- UV index, geomagnetic activity

? Hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours
- Temperature and feels like temperature
- Humidity, dew point
- Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
- Rainfall and snowfall amounts
- Wind speed, direction
- UV index and geomagnetic activity

? Current weather conditions
- Temperature and feels like t°
- Humidity
- Pressure of air
- Realtime data from air pressure sensor
- Wind speed, direction
- Dew point
- t° of water

√ Can alert you to potentially life threatening weather (hail, tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm and etc.) via audible push notifications directly to your device even if your not currently using the app and your device is asleep and locked

√ Provides up-to-minute weather forecast for the next 24 hours (8 types of data)

√ Climate data & sea temperatures for 12 months

√ Includes two beautiful weather widgets: hourly and weekly forecasts.

√ Uses two weather providers (located in the US and EU) to bring you precise hourly forecasts as well as a full 10-day forecast. Multi-provider system lets you choose the most accurate weather data for your location

√ Includes interactive weather maps: current conditions and future weather, hi-def weather radar, storm tracks and affected areas, severe-weather alerts, sea surface temperatures, NOAA buoys, Satellite cloud cover imagery, Earthquakes

√ Displays current temperature right on your Home Screen

√ Alerts about weather that triggers Migraine Headaches (PUSH). Now you always know the cause of headaches or migraines if it is linked with changes in the air pressure

版本 3.8 中的新功能

Air Quality data and maps for European countries (includes current conditions and forecast for the next few days)
Added support for iPhone X
Added support for iPad Pro 10.5” native resolution
New“Dark” mode for widgets
New iMessage app
New deep-black theme for iPhone X OLED screen
Improved readability in weather clock mode on 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8” screens and Apple Watch
Localizations for PUSH messages and WatchOS app (Complications)
Improved display for Modular large complication
Faster update speed for complications
Satellite/radar duration in 30 min intervals instead of 1 hr
Updated “slight rain” icons
Improved French translation

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eWeather HD 气象这款应用的简体中文版本用起来就是舒服

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eWeather HD 气象就是经典!这是我目前用过的最好用的生活出行应用工具

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