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Kaspersky AdCleaner 1.0.1


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发布软件/应用 千万流量共享 百度高权重排名
  • 软件大小: 12.0M
  • 软件厂商: Kaspersky Lab UK Limited
  • 软件语言: 简体中文
  • 软件授权: 免费
  • 更新时间: 2016-04-07
  • 支持类型: Touch、iPhone、iPad

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软件简介 网友评价

Kaspersky AdCleaner是卡巴斯基实验室为iOS系统推出一款全新的去广告的应用!Kaspersky AdCleaner是一款适用于Safari浏览器的扩展,能够自动拦截用户打开的网页中的广告条、广告链接和弹出窗口。

Download AdCleaner now.

Powerful ad blocking app for Safari.

Clean mobile web experience

Removes trackers, ads, popups, autoplays and other inappropriate content.

Private Browsing

Prevents tracking of user’s web browsing behavior & habits and the capture of your personal information.

Faster browsing

Accelerates page downloads and browsing (installs in Safari).

Less data traffic

Ad removal benefits those on limited internet plans or in low-signal conditions.

Automatic updates

Updates in background to save latest blocking lists.

More battery life

Optimizes battery consumption by reducing network and CPU load.

Kaspersky Lab UK Limited 网站Kaspersky AdCleaner 支持应用软件使用许可协议

1楼 PConline网友 2017-05-31 06:16:28

五星品质!Kaspersky AdCleaner的性能优异,操作起来十分舒服

2楼 PConline网友 2017-01-11 08:48:37

找了那么久终于找到Kaspersky AdCleaner了。。来人!给小编加个鸡腿

3楼 PConline网友 2016-10-22 04:38:02

Kaspersky AdCleaner是一款老司机都知道的好工具!希望继续一路往前~

4楼 PConline网友 2016-07-19 21:37:26

这款Kaspersky AdCleaner应用只有12.0M,体积小巧,用起来非常流畅

5楼 PConline网友 2016-01-23 22:06:24

我用过这么多的系统安全应用里,Kaspersky AdCleaner是操作最简便的。