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Hajj Guide is an App with easy-to-follow instructions for any muslim intending to go to Makkah for the Hajj. We have tried our best to provide information in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad(Pbuh).

With the Hajj Guide App, you can also:

=>> No lengthy information to go through
=>> Brief & easy to understand information
=>> View beautiful Haram pics in Portrait mode
=>> Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter & Copy
=>> Easily browse different topics via Menu

Hajj Guide will provide you an in-depth information on topics like:

* Introduction
* Importance of Hajj
* Preparing for Hajj
* Essential Items for Hajj

* Types of Hajj
* The Meeqat
* The Ihraam
* Hajj Intention and Talbiyah
* Things Allowed/Forbidden in Ihraam

* The Tawaaf (Circumambulation of Kabah)
* The Saaíi (7 trips between the mounts Safah and Marwah)

Also, Get Day by Day schedule of the Hajj Days:

* What to do on Day 1 of Hajj..
* What to do on Day 2 of Hajj...
* What to do on Day 3 of Hajj....
* What to do on Days 4,5,6 of Hajj...

Important places, topics you will cover during the Hajj Days:

* Mina
* Arafah
* Muzdilfah
* Jamarat(Stoning of Devil)
* Tawaaf al-Ifadha (Tawaaf of Hajj)
* Saaíi of Hajj

* The Farewell Tawaaf (Tawaf al-Widha)

Insha Allah (God-Willingly) with the Hajj Guide App,
you will have a very clear idea about:

1. Main Pillars of Hajj
2. What to do during the Hajj Days
and more...

Complete App Features:

>> Universal App (Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)
>> No Internet Connection Required!
>> Fast Loading Pages!
>> Easy Browsing of Hajj Guide Topics!
>> Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter & Copy!

We wish you a very happy and prosperous Hajj journey and Pray to Allah(Swt) that the Hajj of you, your family members or the people on whose behalf you are performing the Hajj is accepted by Allah(Swt) - Ameen!

Download the Hajj Guide Today!

版本 2.0 中的新功能

- Optimised for iOS 8
- Compatible with iPhone 5, 6 and 6+
- New share feature (Facebook, Twitter, Email & Copy)

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强烈推荐太平洋下载!!找了好久的Hajj Guide居然在这里!!

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在同类的学习办公应用中,Hajj Guide绝对称得上有优秀的操作体验