Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick 1.7


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Kick the Buddy? returns! The same explosive gameplay times two! Now you have more options, many more fantastic elements, and much more fun. Hit, cut, blow up, burn and play the mini-games. You now have a virtually limitless arsenal: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, torture instruments… and even a nuclear bomb.?We present to you Kick the Buddy: Second Kick – it’s more than just a game!?Want more kicks? Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. Kick the Buddy is a PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! Choose the face for the Buddy from your Photo Library or just leave him as he is and…do with him whatever you want?and DE-STRESS YOUR DAY!? ? Key Features: - Brand NEW colorful graphics! -?Brand?NEW?physics model! -?Brand?NEW super cool elements and categories! -?Brand?NEW wardrobe with fashionable clothes for Buddy! -?Brand?NEW sound effects.?Now Buddy has his own voice! -?Brand?NEW decorations!? -?Brand?NEW bank with buddy money! -?Brand?NEW interesting achievements! Grab this game to ensure you're never without a way to lower your blood pressure or a perfect tool to kill a few spare minutes!? ? Become a Fan of Kick the Buddy on Facebook: ? Follow Kick the Buddy on Twitter: ? Subscribe for Kick the Buddy YouTube channel: ? Have any suggestions regarding the new items or ideas for Buddy comments? Include your suggestion in the feedback!
1楼 PConline网友 2018-08-16 15:03:02

从读书开始就一直在用Kick the Buddy: Second Kick了,越做越不错了,希望以后能更简洁一点

2楼 PConline网友 2017-11-12 18:45:30

这个版本的Kick the Buddy: Second Kick响应变快了!优化的真不错

3楼 PConline网友 2017-07-21 22:32:05

刚下载Kick the Buddy: Second Kick时不太会用,不过上网查了一下之后,完美搞定。

4楼 PConline网友 2017-07-02 16:32:22

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick是我玩过的占用内存最少的网络游戏游戏了,简直是业界良心

5楼 PConline网友 2017-01-22 17:33:44

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick这款游戏的简体中文版本用起来就是舒服